Our Story

Building memories one home at a time.

There are many things that can set a homebuilder apart. Some are measurable differences, while some are more experiential. What distinguishes us from the rest is our uncompromising commitment to satisfaction; not only home buyer satisfaction, but also the satisfaction of the surrounding communities.

Distinguished Homes is a highly professional, experienced developer that brings all of its background and expertise to the table. It's this commitment to building not only new homes, but relationships — creating dynamic, municipality-friendly partnerships that benefit the city, the home buyer, and everyone in between.

It's through these partnerships and relationships with cities, banks and contractors alike that we have been able to execute projects throughout the Southland with great success.

When we build neighborhoods, there is a concentrated effort on ensuring that the homes are the best they can be. Moreover, the same "focus of attention" is placed on our relationships with the communities. It all leads back to customer and community satisfaction — that's our key.

Distinguished Homes...

  • Has over 300 years of experience in the Company's management
  • Is regarded in the industry as consummate professionals
  • Comprises a breadth of product design experience, from small cluster homes to multi-million-dollar homes or estates
  • Has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship
  • Develops fewer, better projects
  • Is successful at determining the highest and best use of property
  • Has a market-driven philosophy

When looking to form an alliance, you want a partner that offers both tangibles and intangibles; a partner that not only brings technical skills and is fiscally responsible, but one that truly understands and embraces the needs of all stakeholders. We are just that partner. We're not so big that we can't be flexible and responsive. Yet, we're small enough to nurture personal relationships and to respond to very specific needs. There is nothing that would keep us from measuring up.

The choice of your next partner is clear... Distinguished Homes. Your community and bottom line will be enhanced with a collection of quality homes that deliver superior value and a new level of homeowner and community satisfaction. You'll find no better partner to help create the "ultimate quality statement" for your city than to have your next community developed by Distinguished Homes.

"We are fortunate enough to have a team with a wealth of partner experience, from financing and banking to hammers and nails. We all show up every day for the benefit of our partners."
Richard Cisakowski
President, Distinguished Homes